Critical Connect: The Ultimate Wireless Tattooing Experience

Experience ultimate power, freedom, and versatility.  The new Critical Connect line, featuring the Critical Connect Universal Battery, Critical Connect Universal Battery Shorty, and the Critical Connect Footswitch, all utilize Bluetooth 5.0 and Critical Core technology - created for consistent power and extreme accuracy.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Crisp OLED Display with Precise Voltage 
  • Utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 Technology 
  • Both Critical Connect Universal Batteries are compatible & wirelessly connect with ONLY the Critical Connect Foot Switch (simultaneously, the Critical Connect Foot Switch is ONLY compatible with Critical Connect batteries)
  • Available in both RCA & 3.5mm connections 
  • Compatible with most rotary brands
  • Control the ON/OFF function of the batteries through two modes: Continuous & Momentary 
  • Connect up to (4) Critical Connect batteries to (1) Critical Connect Foot Switch for adaptability & cordless freedom  
  • Dual charging capable dock available 
  • The Shorty is one of the lightest & smallest battery packs on the market