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The Bishop Power WAND Full Set

36 Reviews
Best Seller

The Bishop Power WAND Full Set

36 Reviews
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  • Power Wand + Shorty Battery boast big power with the lightest setup at 4.4" H & 5.2 oz.

  • Innovative magnetic connection allows for 360-positioning of the battery to customize screen position & easily swap batteries 

  • Includes TWO Critical Connect enabled battery packs, featuring Bluetooth 5.0, & Critical Core technology 
    Critical Connect Standard Battery - lasting up to 10 hours
    Critical Connect Shorty Battery – small & lightweight, lasting up to 5 hours

  • Compatible with the Critical Connect Foot Switch for artists that want a foot pedal to wirelessly control their pen machines in either continuous or momentary mode (FS sold separately)

The Power Wand Full Set provides artists everything they need for an ultimate wireless experience, anywhere they go. The Power Wand is the smallest & lightest tattoo pen machine currently available in the market. Choose a Liner, Shader, or Packer Wand, the set also includes two battery packs, both Standard & Shorty, featuring Critical Core technology and 5.0 Bluetooth wireless capabilities.


SHADER: The perfect machine for black and grey work, with a softer motor and a 3.5mm stroke. Use it to do multiple passes, very fine linework, and anything requiring a softer touch.

PACKER: The all arounder for just about anything, with a harder hitting motor and a 4.2mm stroke. Use it for line work, color packing, run it lower for softer work and higher for bold lines.

LINER: The specialist machine, with a harder hitting motor and a 5.0mm stroke. Use it for single passes on big, bold lines over 9RL.

Bishop Power Wand Full Set

Experience a legendary collaboration between Bishop and Critical Tattoo with the Power Wand Full Set. This full set has everything artists need for a versatilre set up, whether in-house or on the go!


Smallest Tattoo Pen Machine



Boasts big power with the lightest set up at 4.4 inches tall and weighing 5.2 oz.


Easily adjust the battery to customize screen position.

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Innovative Magnetic Connection



Interchangeable Power Options


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