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Types of Jet Black Tattoo Supply Products Offered

  • Black Barrier Apparel: Maintain a sterile environment with our black barrier films, drapes, and covers.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): Stay safe with black gloves, masks, and aprons designed specifically for tattooing.
  • Disposables: Jet Black provides convenient single-use disposables such as tattoo machine bags, razors, rinse cups, bottle bags, ink caps, and more.

Benefits of Using Jet Black Tattoo Supply Products

  • Professional Aesthetic: The classic black aesthetic keeps your setup looking sleek and organized, making a strong impression on clients.
  • High Quality: Our products are crafted with the highest standards, ensuring durability and performance for every session.
  • Ease of Use: Designed with the professional artist in mind, our supplies offer ease of use, allowing you to focus on your craft.

Top Tattoo Supplies at Jet Black for Professionals

  • Jet Black 3.5mm Nitrile Gloves: Superior protection and comfort for long tattoo sessions.
  • Jet Black Essential Soap: Use Jet Black Essential Soap for prepping skin and to remove excess ink while tattooing. It is a concentrated 16:1 ratio with a built-in measuring cap for easy measurement.
  • Jet Black Barrier Film: Essential for maintaining a hygienic workspace.
  • Jet Black Bed Drape Sheets: Benefitting from one layer non-woven material and 1 layer poly, these drape sheets absorb fluids around your workstation to maintain a safe, sanitary work environment that is easy to clean.
  • Jet Black 4ply Lap Cloths: Made with an additional tissue layer over the poly compared to traditional patient bibs, Jet Black waterproof cloths provide ultimate absorption of inks and fluids.
  • Jet Black Ink Caps: These disposable ink caps feature a new molded design and boast a wide base for stability while working so you don’t have to worry about the little things.
  • Jet Black Cohesive Bandages: A testament to the virtue of simple efficiency, Coflex Self Adhesive tape is useful for wrapping grips, securing bandages, and color-coding items in your workstation. Each of these versatile rolls are 3" wide x 5 yards.
  • Jet Black Pen Machine Bags: Made with natural ingredients, these pen machine bags are designed to facilitate a hygienic work environment by properly covering a pen machine.
  • Jet Black Face Masks: These 3-ply disposable face masks benefit from high B.F.E and P.F.E filtration and feature flexible elastic ear loops for long term comfort. 
  • Jet Black Aprons: These non-woven aprons benefit from one layer of PE film to ensure that they are waterproof. The material absorbs fluid to maintain an extra layer of protection between you and your work while also benefiting from strong materials that will hold up well against the tests of a working day.

Trusted by Professional Worldwide

Jet Black Tattoo Supply stands out as a trusted provider of premium quality tattoo supplies tailored for professionals in the industry. Their comprehensive range includes black barrier apparel and personal protection equipment designed to maintain a clean and professional workspace, emphasizing client safety and artist comfort. With a focus on the aesthetic appeal, high quality, and ease of use of their products, Jet Black ensures that artists can rely on durable, efficient tools to enhance their work quality. From nitrile gloves to essential soap, barrier films and disposables, Jet Black offers a diverse selection of top-notch supplies that cater to the needs of tattoo artists, apprentices, and piercers alike.