Needle Cartridges

At Kingpin Tattoo Supply, we understand that the tools of your trade directly influence the quality of your artwork and the satisfaction of your clients. That's why we offer only the finest tattoo needle cartridges available, designed for precision, safety, and unparalleled performance. Read More...

What Are Tattoo Cartridges?

Tattoo cartridges are a revolutionary advancement in tattooing technology, allowing artists to switch needle configurations quickly without the need for additional machines or time-consuming setup changes. Each cartridge encapsulates the needle within a disposable housing, ensuring optimal hygiene and efficiency.

Needles vs Cartridges: What's the Difference?

The primary difference lies in convenience and safety. Traditional pre-made tattoo needles require some manual setup, sterilization, and careful handling to avoid cross-contamination. Cartridges, on the other hand, come pre-packaged, sterilized, and ready to use, with a simple click-in mechanism that significantly reduces setup and cleanup times while enhancing safety protocols.

What Are the Best Tattoo Needle Cartridges?

Whether you're lining, shading, or packing color, our range ensures you have the right tools to bring your artwork to life with precision and ease. Our curated selection includes top-of-the-line cartridges renowned for its commitment to quality, providing  cartridges designed for superior ink flow, stability, and sharpness.  We offer an extensive selection of the industry's leading brands and configurations, including:

Each brand and model has been meticulously selected for its quality, reliability, and performance, ensuring that you have the best tools at your fingertips to create masterful tattoos.

What size tattoo cartridge do you need?

When determining the size of a tattoo cartridge you need, it's crucial to consider the gauge or diameter of the needle. Different sizes serve various purposes in tattooing. Here are some common sizes and their corresponding diameters:

  • #6 Gauge: 0.20mm
  • #8 Gauge: 0.25mm
  • #10 Gauge: 0.30mm
  • #12 Gauge: 0.35mm
  • #14 Gauge: 0.40mm
  • #16 Gauge: 0.45mm

These sizes represent different thicknesses of needles that can be used for specific tattooing techniques and styles. Remember that the choice of needle size often depends on the desired outcome and the intricacy of the design you're working on.

The size and type of cartridge you need depend on the specific details of the tattoo you're creating. Our selection includes liners, shaders, and magnum cartridges in various configurations, such as:

  • Soft edge
  • Textured
  • Power liners and super liners
  • Round tip and open tip
  • Curved, tight, extra tight, and more

Lining with Precision

When it comes to lining, the choice of cartridge size is paramount. Our needle cartridges for lining are designed to create crisp, clean lines that define the outline of your tattoo art. For fine line work, we recommend using a smaller needle size, ranging from 3RL to 7RL, ensuring each line is sharp and precise.

Shading with Depth

Shading adds depth and dimension to tattoos, requiring a needle cartridge that allows for smooth gradients and fill. Our shading cartridges range from 7M1 to 15M1, enabling artists to achieve various shading effects and depths with ease. The wider the needle grouping, the more area you can cover efficiently, making our cartridges perfect for detailed shading work.

Color Packing with Vibrancy

Color packing demands cartridges that can hold and deliver ink consistently for vibrant, saturated colors. Our selection includes needle cartridges optimized for color packing, ranging from 7M1 up to 15M1, depending on the extent of color fill required. These cartridges ensure that ink is evenly distributed, resulting in bold, eye-catching colors that stand the test of time.

Understanding the nuances of each configuration and how they impact your work is crucial. Whether you're filling large areas with color, creating detailed lines, or shading with precision, we have the right cartridge for your needs.

Why Choose Kingpin Tattoo Supply?

  • Expert Curation: Each product in our selection has been evaluated by experienced tattoo artists to ensure it meets our high standards of quality and performance.
  • Safety First: All cartridges are sterilized and packaged in a controlled environment, providing peace of mind that you're using safe, hygienic products.
  • Efficiency Boost: With easy plug-and-play functionality, our cartridges save you time and effort, letting you focus on what you do best—creating stunning tattoos.

Ready to Transform Your Tattooing Experience?

Kingpin Tattoo Supply is dedicated to supporting your artistry by providing top-notch tattoo needle cartridges. With a variety of brands, sizes, and configurations, you're sure to find the perfect match for every project.

For tattoo artists, studios, and aspiring artists looking to elevate their craft, explore our collection and discover how the right tattoo needle cartridges can make a significant difference in your work.