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TATSoul Envy Gen 2 Cartridge Stacie-Rae A.R.T. Refine Collection

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The number one priority of Areola Restorative Tattooing is the long-term happiness of the Breast Cancer Survivor. The technical application must be masterful so that re reduce the risk of harm to delicate tissue. These needles are designed to help trained and experienced tattooists create their absolute best work. - Stacie Rae

TATSoul, in collaboration with Stacie Rae, have come up with collections of TATSoul Envy Gen 2 configurations tailored for A.R.T. These configurations have been hand-selected by Stacie Rae, to ensure the most success when conducting restorative work.


  • The “Refine” collection was designed for the second pass. Once the first pass is healed, any adjustments needed are done to ensure a lasting & realistic outcome.
  • The Refine A.R.T. collection contains:
    • TATSoul Envy Gen 2 Cartridge #12 3 Round Liner
    • TATSoul Envy Gen 2 Cartridge #12 5 Round Shader
    • TATSoul Envy Gen 2 Cartridge #12 7 Curved Magnum
    • TATSoul Envy Gen 2 Cartridge #12 11 Curved Magnum
  • Perfect Needle Taper
  • Perfect Membrane TensionThin Profile
  • Cartridge Finger Ledge
  • Quality Process
Brand: TATSoul