Infinite Irons

Infinite Irons Standard Bottom Plate

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These Bottom Plates Are Made Joey D. Of Infinite Irons. They Are The Standard Bottom Plate For All Styles Of Machines. You Can Use Them For 1-1/4" Coil Machines Or 1" Coil Machines. The Spacing Between The Coils Is .781" And Is Perfect For Coils With 3/4" Caps. They Are 3/4" Wide And Just Over 3" Long. The Deck Under The Coil Is 1/4" Thick. They Are Made With Beveled Screw Holes, A Pinch Style Vise That Will Not Wear Out, And Have Extra Length So You Can Cut Them To The Size And Angle To Match Your Side Plate. They Are Milled From A Solid Piece Of 1018C Mild Steel And Weld, And Color Nicely. The Deck That The Coils Sit On Is Precision Milled For Ultra Flatness So Your Coils Do Not Sit On A Bowed Deck And Make Noise Or Have Air Gaps Under Them. The Tube Vise Is Drilled And Tapped On One Side For An 8-32 Screw.