Tattoo Needles

Affordable to top-of-the-line tattoo needles and tattoo needle cartridges to line, fill, shade and blend. We offer pre-made needles from Kingpin Polished Needles, Kingpin Black Stallion, and Kingpin Textured Needles, as well as TATSoul brands like Envy and Enso. Shop tattoo cartridges from trusted brands like Bishop, Kingpin brands Crown and Scepter, and TATSoul brands like Envy.

Kingpin started out as a manufacturer of hand-built, premium pre-made tattoo needles, and we continue that tradition today with our polished, textured and Black Stallion liner, shader and magnum needles. We also carry TATSoul Enso and TATSoul Envy tattoo needles. We offer round, bugpin, long-taper, traditional, and more pre-made needles for all of your needs.

Shop eye loupes, flat bars, grouping jigs and tightening jigs, liquid soldering flux, tapered tattoo needles, round bars and more.

Tattoo Ink FAQs