Vintage Ink Root Beer 1oz

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Vintage Ink Root Beer 1oz

0 Reviews
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Eternal's Vintage Ink is a brand-new set of tattoo inks based on nostalgic, popular hues. The hues include the full range of primary, plus secondary, and tertiary colors, but with very distinct color differences. In other words, no overlapping colors and any neighboring colors will be distant neighbors. The Vintage Ink set delivers a simple, streamlined palette for artists wanting a well-organized, successful color range. The Vintage Ink set includes: 14 hues plus White, Maxx Black and Maxx Lining Black, and Keep It Wet. The Vintage Ink set is part of the Eternal Ink line of premium tattoo inks. Vintage Ink pigments mix perfectly with Eternal Ink Pigments. All Vintage Inks are Certified Sterile. Vintage Ink is available in 1 oz bottles only.

All Eternal Inks are marked certified sterile. Click here for more information. 


  • Classic Colors Mixed from Decades of Experience
  • Certified Sterile
  • Made from organic pigments
  • Vegan product
  • MSDS information available upon request