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Kingpin has you covered if you’re looking for premium, hand-built coil machines. Browse hand finished and tuned coil machines like Flying IronsDeluxe IronsHatchback IronsInfinite Irons and more from over ten renowned builders. Browse zippy liners, color packing shaders, and all-purpose liners like the Sweet IronDustin Golden CannibalStymi by Orphan Irons and Production Machines by Rick Cherry. Kingpin also proudly builds our own line of production coil machines in-house, like the G.O.A.T, Ferrum, Stryker, Ultra-Lite and Model N.

We carry an ever-changing selection of Custom Coil Machines and Custom Rotary Machines for... the artist and collector that appreciates craftsmanship, ingenuity, and power. If you’re looking for hand-finished, tuned, and guaranteed Custom One-off Tattoo Machines, you’ve come to the right place.