Kingpin carries a wide selection of tattoo machines and parts so that you can find exactly what you need for your setup. We have the new, the classic, or the custom tattoo machine you’ll want in your setup. You'll find the best tattoo pens, coil tattoo machines, rotary tattoo machines, custom tattoo machines, and PMU machines right here.

Shop tattoo machine brands you know and love like Bishop, Inkjecta, Cheyenne, FK Irons, and much more. If you're looking for something that is one-of-kind, browse our custom and handmade tattoo machine collection. You are guaranteed to find your next favorite tattoo machine with the comfort, quality, and look you're searching for at Kingpin.

Shop Kingpin's Wide Selection of Tattoo Machines


Pen Machines

Keep your vibrations low with tattoo pen machines like the Bishop Power Wand, Axys Valkyr and Valhalla, Cheyenne Sol Nova and Hawk Sol Nova, FK Irons Spektra, and more. We also carry the PMU machine for you from brands like Axys and Bishop.

Coil Machines

Find great liner and shader machines like Deluxe Irons, Blood Money Irons, Hatchback Irons, Flying Irons and Kingpin tattoo machines like the Stryker, Ferrum, Model N, Ultra-Lite, and G.O.A.T. We carry machines from artists Rich Helton, Kevin Corder, Tommy Haley, Mike Schaefer, and Chris Quidgeon.

Rotary Machines

As artist ourselves, we carry brands we know and trust like Bishop Tattoo Supply, Cheyenne, FK Irons, Axys, Neotat, Inkjecta and more. Make sure to also check out our great rotary machines!

Custom Machines

Treat yourself to one of Kingpin's custom liner and shader machines, or check out machines like the Flying Irons from Mike Shaefer and Hatchback Irons from Emerson Forth. We feature more customs from artists like Randy Randerson, Chris Quidgeon, and Roy Richardson.

Tattoo Machine and Parts FAQs

The lifespan of a wireless tattoo machine depends on several factors, including the quality of the machine, how often it is used, and how well it is maintained. Generally speaking, high-quality wireless tattoo machines can last for several years with proper care and maintenance. To ensure the longevity of a wireless tattoo machine, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and storage, and to use high-quality components and accessories.