Find just about every color in the rainbow with individual tattoo inks, tattoo ink sets, and accessories from established and boutique tattoo brands like Eternal Ink, Solid Ink, Intenze, Nocturnal, Silverback, and Fusion Ink.

Check out some specialty inks like watercolor tattoo ink, tattoo ink concentrates, intensely light opaques, highly pigmented black ink, gray washes, and more. Check out Ever After Pigments for medical tattoos and PMU cosmetic permanent makeup tattoos.
We also offer top-of-the-line tattoo ink accessories to maximize your ink usage and mixing.

Tattoo Ink FAQs

The best tattoo ink is a matter of personal preference, as different artists may have different preferences for the brands and types of ink they use. However, some of the most popular and highly regarded tattoo ink brands among tattoo artists include: Eternal Ink, Dynamic Ink, Intenze Ink & Solid Ink. Ultimately, the best tattoo ink is one that is safe, high-quality, and meets your personal preferences and needs as an artist.