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Red Tattoo Stencil Transfer System

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Each S8 Red Kit Includes 25 Of Each Of The Following:

Red Tattoo Stencil Paper - Is The First Ever Thermal-Ready Red Tattoo Stencil, Representing A Major Change For Tattooing.&Nbsp;Red Stencil Paper Features A Colorant That, When Used In Tandem With Red&Nbsp;Transfer Gel And Red Tattooing Gel, Binds To The Skin. This Results In Stencils&Nbsp;That Are Extremely Durable.&Nbsp;Able To Function As Both A Thermal And A Freehand Paper,&Nbsp;Red Stencil Papers Innovative Blend Of Waxes, Colorants, And Paper Stuffs Is&Nbsp;The First Patent Pending Stencil Paper In The&Nbsp;Tattoo Industry.&Nbsp;Red Stencil Paper Is Proudly Made In The United States,&Nbsp;Vegan Friendly,&Nbsp;Never Tested On Animals, And&Nbsp;Safe For Use On All Skin Types (Visually Optimized For Light&Nbsp;Skin Tones).

Red Stencil Transfer Gel - Features An All-Natural Ingredient Deck With A Plant Derived Surfactant That Cleans The&Nbsp;Skin Of Oils And Dramatically Improves The Quality Of Stencil Transfers.&Nbsp;Red Stencil Transfer Gel Contains No Oils Or Long Chain Hydrocarbons, Which&Nbsp;Degrade Stencils At The&Nbsp;Time Of Transfer And Shorten The Life Of A Stencil&Nbsp;During A Session. The Single Use Sachet Packet Is Designed To Assist Artists In Addressing Questions&Nbsp;Of Safety And Contamination, While Also Allowing For Easy Inventory Management&Nbsp;And Reorder For Shop Managers. This Packaging Also Meets Faa Fluid And Gel Travel Requirements For Carry-On Bags, Which Means&Nbsp;Traveling&Nbsp;Artists Save Time In Transit.&Nbsp;Red Stencil Transfer Gel Features A Rheology And Chemistry That Accelerates&Nbsp;Drying Times. This Means Shorter Wait Times Between&Nbsp;Application Of The Gel&Nbsp;And Transfer Paper, And Reduces The Chance Of&Nbsp;Stencils Bleeding Or Blurring.&Nbsp;Patent Pending.&Nbsp;

Red Tattooing Gel - Is&Nbsp;A Multipurpose Product For Use While Tattooing: It Protects Both Stencils And Skin, And Improves The Ease Of Tattooing For Artists Without Requiring&Nbsp;Multiple Applications.&Nbsp;Red Tattooing Gel Is An Inert, In-Process Tattooing Gel That&Nbsp;Contains No Vegetable Oils Or Long-Chain Hydrocarbons, Making It The Safest Tattooing Gel On The Market.&Nbsp;Red Tattooing Gel Creates A Film-Forming Barrier Over Stencils Allowing The Artist To Wipe Over The Stencil Without Risk Of Damaging The Stencil. This Also Protects The Skin From Wiping-Related Abrasion.&Nbsp;The Super-Smooth Barrier Surface Improves Ink Saturation During Tattooing Due To The Fluid Dynamics Governing Ink Penetration.&Nbsp;Red Tattooing Gel Never Gets Lodged In Needle Groups And Does Not Liquefy At Body Temperature, Which Translates To Less Wiping For The Tattooer. Like&Nbsp;Red Stencil Transfer Gel, Red Tattooing Gel Is Packaged In Single-Use Sachet Packs, Maximizing Safety From Contamination And Allowing For Easy Inventory Management. This Packaging Also Meets Faa Fluid And Gel Travel Requirements For Carry-On Bags.