Are you into putting bigger holes into people's skin that even the largest tattoo needle can't abide? Look no further than our ear and body piercing supplies for needles, receiving tubes, piercing tools, tapers, and piercing equipment.

Shop quality Kingpin brand sterile straight tattoo needles from 20G to 10G, curved piercing needles, pyrex and stainless steel receiving tubes, and more. Tapers are available in sizes from 18G to 9/16", including Basic to Deluxe Taper Sets from 18G to 1". 

We feature piercing tools like a variety of useful forceps, holding pliers, stud pliers, openers/closers, clamps, and more. Shop supplies and equipment like corks and rubber corks, oils, finger cots, swabs, and aftercare like antiseptics and saline solution sprays. Poke, stretch, and aftercare with our body piercing supplies.