Eternal Ink Pitch Black Gray Wash Extra Light

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Eternal Ink Pitch Black Gray Wash Extra Light
Eternal Ink Pitch Black Gray Wash Extra Light
Eternal SKU: EI-PBEL-GW1

Eternal Ink Pitch Black Gray Wash Extra Light

0 Reviews
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Eternal Ink Pitch Black Graywash Indiviual Bottle Break Down

X-Light: The lightest wash we have ever created. Add more dimension to your black and gray work utilizing this lighter shade in place of negative space. Heals true with minimal loss.

Light: The perfect light wash for repeatable results with minimal loss during heal.

Medium: The perfect balance between light and dark, heals true.

Dark: A solid and well rounded “go to” wash if you only have to pick one. Heals dark with minimal loss.

X-Dark: A great dark tone that is a middle ground between pure black and a wash, heals very true.

Eternal Tattoo Ink

Made for artists by artists using globally sourced, natural ingredients, Eternal Ink offers one of the most diverse, vibrant, and consistent ranges of pigment available to the craft.

  • made of organic pigments, deionized water and hamamelis water.
  • free of animal by-products and vegan.
  • not tested on animals.
  • supplied in a medical grade sealed bottle, ensuring its longevity before and after first use
  • regularly evaluated for testing.

All Eternal Inks are marked certified sterile. Click here to learn more.


Utilizing Eternal's ground-breaking formula for the darkest and easiest to use black, comes Pitch Black Gray Wash, a 5-value range of pre-mixed washes to give you maximum control for the smoothest gradients and darkest heal of any gray wash to date.

If you are a fan of Pitch Black, or just want your black and gray tattoos to heal to their maximum potential – this is the ideal addition to your blackwork palette. Pairs perfectly with Pitch Black Lining and Concentrate. All Pitch Black inks mix smoothly with Eternal Ink colors for an ever wider range of color tones.Save time on your setups, and step up your gray wash game by going Pitch Black.


"Awesome set! Saturated, super-fast and smooth. Healed true to the tones." - Pete Terranova

"I mainly use the Light & X-Light Pitch Black Gray Wash to give my art more overall depth. This really helped me push the levels of detail and maintain contrast in my work." - Jess Reef

"There's enough range between the values in the Pitch Black Gray Wash set, it's consistent in capturing the correct value where needed." - Francisco Sanchez

"With the Pitch Black Gray Wash set, the tattooing will basically be the same shades of black when it heals." - Rafael Cassaro