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Empire Inks Titanium White

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Empire Inks Titanium White

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  • Cool white
  • Perfect for packing and mixing
  • Extra-fine pigment based powder
  • 100% Vegan
  • Manufactured in the USA in a 100% sterile environment
  • EU certified pigment dispenser to weigh, disperse, blend, and color-match all tattoo ink for consistency and accuracy
  • Available in 2oz and 4oz bottles

Empire Inks White is best used for both highlights and mixing. Empire Inks White is thick enough for larger fields of solid saturation and thin enough for highlights. It is the highest lightfast white Empire has found, meaning it will stay white longer in the skin.

Empire's white is loved by many for highlights. This white has twice the amount of pigment, making it great for packing in. They grind the pigment up so that it can fit into the skin more allowing you to be able to pack more into a small space; making the tattoo brighter. Our white is not cut with water, which makes it a more pure white. This ink mixes well with color and is a cool white.

Empire Inks was originally developed in 2012 by Colt Brown in an effort to provide tattoo artists with a perfect system of gray wash ink. As a predominately black and gray portrait artist, Colt Brown understood the importance of ink consistency and workability, which is why Empire Inks Graywash Series is specially formulated with pigments ground to an extra-fine base powder. This helps the ink go into the skin effortlessly, producing the smoothest gray tones possible and minimizing unintentional peppered shading.

Control your values with this FREE Digital Value Scale

The Empire Inks value scale was designed to help control your values and be more accurate with them. As soon as the chess piece disappears, that's the value that it is. Click HERE to view a video explaining the digital value scale.

"Whenever we zoom in, especially with the iPads, compared to using a paper reference, we tend to zoom in a lot more now. The surrounding values will confuse your eye into making it appear darker or lighter than it actually is. The digital value scale will help you be a lot more accurate and will help you go a lot faster in tattooing. You won't have to guess if you need a light or medium". -Colt Brown, owner