Lindsee Bee, Owner & Artist of Bee Ink since 2016. Currently living in Minneapolis and born and raised in Minnesota. Her favorite things to tattoo are typically anything bright, graphic, also nature-inspired. She loves to travel and enjoy what the world has to offer.

Lindsee's Favorite Products

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    Kingpin Single Needle Liner Open Tip Crown Cartridge (10 Pack)
    Crown Cartridges by Kingpin offer ink flow, consistency, and protection unlike any other cartridge out there. Featuring our signature textured needles and configurations, Crown Cartridges are designed with more than two decades of needle crafting experience to achieve the gold standard that you've come to expect from Kingpin. The Crown Cartridge utilizes a membrane system, providing protection against ink back flow with firm needle stability.

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    Adenna Phantom Black Latex Gloves X-Small Blue Box

    These black, textured, powder-free latex examination gloves offer the performance and reliability that Adenna is known for. These gloves fit comfortably and offer enough grip to use any kind of tattoo machine. Choose between boxes or cases to guarantee you have enough of every size for your tattoo shop.

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