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Critical Torque Pen Machine

124 Reviews
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Critical SKU: CTC-TFS-35

Critical Torque Pen Machine

124 Reviews
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  • Single Pass Power
  • Powerful Custom German Brushless Motor
  • Firmer and More Consistent Needle Hit
  • Innovative Stabilizing System
  • Precision Strike Technology
  • Vibration Dampening Solution
  • Longest Running Battery in the Market
  • Advanced LED Interface on battery
  • Tracks Time and Hourly Rate
  • Available in 3.5mm, 4.2mm, and 5.0mm Stroke
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Compatible with the Critical Connect Foot Switch


  • Battery + Pen Machine (all three strokes) - 4.8oz
  • 34mm Grip - 1.4oz
  • 40mm Grip - 2.4oz

The ultimate powerhouse is here!  The Critical Torque Wireless Tattoo Machine utilizes the industry’s 1st Precision Strike Technology to promote a smoother, faster, and more efficient tattooing experience. The Vibration Dampening Solution ensures a smooth & seamless tattooing experience. The feature-rich battery with a larger, intuitive 1.5” color display is loaded with features, even allowing for a timer feature to assist in gauging tattoo time. Motor design increases rigidity and provides more torque and power.

Machine Set Includes:

  • Critical Torque Pen Machin
  • Critical Connect V3 Battery Pack
  • 34mm Grip
  • 2 ft USB-C Charging Cord
  • QR Code Card to Critical Torque Resources

Full Set Includes:

  • Critical Torque Pen Machine
  • Travel Case
  • (2) Critical Connect V3 Battery Packs
  • 34mm Grip
  • 40mm Grip
  • (1) TS x CT Wrath Gel Grip
  • RCA Adapter
  • RCA Cord
  • Critical Dual Battery Dock with USB-C Cord and Wall Plug

Make the most of your new Critical Torque and get familiar with the basic functions and set up! Click here to download the full user mannual. 

The Critical Connect V3 Battery features a larger, intuitive 1.5" color display and is loaded with features, even allowing for a timer feature to assist in gauging tattoo time. Learn how to customize your battery settings to suit your preferences! Click here to download the full user mannual. 

.0 star ratin
Amazing! " Received my Critical Torque roughly 2 weeks ago and this thing is mind blowing! Sinks lines like a coil machine yet is still able to lay soft shading and the batteries last forever. Couldn’t be happier with it. Hands down the best tattoo machine I’ve used. "  - Shaun F. Verified Buyer
So I bought both… " I’ve used many and I do mean MANY rotary tattoo pens over the years. I ordered the 4.2 Critical Torque kit and to say I was blown away is an understatement. I ordered the 3.5 kit shortly thereafter to add to my arsenal of styles. Hands down the best machines I’ve ever owned. I also had many technical questions about the machines and got to know a
All around " I’ve tried this machine for lining, color packing aNd black and grey shading, completely impressed, I will be ordering another for sure. "  - Jesse J. Verified Buyer
Best machine I've ever used! " Definitely called a torque for a reason. Machine packs a serious punch. Extremely smooth, runs like a rotary but packs like a perfectly tuned coil.Comfortable, low vibration, quiet, and can put black and colour in the most difficult areas with ease. Run lower than you think you may need to. Definitely recommend! " - Kate C. Verified Buyer
Best beast machine ever! " I'st light, easy to use, nice hit that drives the needle in hard but soft for them nice clean lines - Maurice B. Verified Buyer
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