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Import-20231108 Monday, January 16, 2023
Mike Randazzo x Bishop Power Wand

Hey guys Mike here from XSADFAMX also known as @mikendazzoart on Instagram! Today I get the chance to review on the Bishop Power Wand and Critical Battery Full Set.


I’ve had the chance to get to know this machine  over the last couple months and I feel as if it’s significantly changed my approach to my work. I usually use a coil machine for all my work up until this point!  


Kingpin gave me the choice of whichever set up of configurations I’d like for the machine so I went ahead and picked the 5.0 for linework, small black fill areas and pencil black work as undertones. I subjectively put these black areas in order to really deepen contrast and with the 5.0 I’m able to use 3 round liner, 5 round liner, 9 mag long taper curved, and 15 mag long taper curved in order to sculpt and add very find texture with my pieces giving it a more natural look where things aren’t so flat!  


While testing the Bishop Power Wand Full Set I used a variety of different Kingpin's Scepter including the 3rd liner, 5rd liner, 9mag long taper curve and the 15mag long taper curved! I’ve already been using these needles now for almost 3 years and when paired with the bishop wand it really did make sculpting linework effortless.  


The machine is just heavy enough but also light on the wrist when using and I even like the good old cord power connect and it doesn’t ever seem to get in my way when I tattoo. It’s very easy to break down and clean daily and doesn’t feel like a puzzle piece to put back together afterwards. The ribs of the grip itself even after putting paper towel and coflex tape around still serve it’s purpose and help you grip that machine for longer line pulls. I run my machine for lines at a solid 8.3 on my critical atom power supply. I didn’t have anyone else help me with where they normally put their power at I kind of just did what felt right. 
I’d rate this machine at a solid 4.7 out of 5 


  • Great size both in length and width to help with carpal tunnel syndrome 
  • Easy to break down and clean daily 
  • No exposed wires or machine housing   
  • Packaging comes with a nice travel case that fits both machine and power units making it easy to travel with 
  • No need for a foot switch and power supply if you use the battery pack


  • Once you buy a specific configuration and are in need for other configurations for different jobs within your tattoo it might get costly to have a full set up of different machines without using aftermarket parts in order to successfully change the cams stroke length from what I see online. But I do pair this machine with other machines in my line up so I suggest having three machines total to get the job done correctly!