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Kingpin Tattoo Supply Inspired by the Artists: Innovation is Top Priority

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Kingpin Tattoo Supply Inspired by the Artists: Innovation is Top Priority

St. Petersburg, Florida, August 23, 2023 – Kingpin Tattoo Supply, a leading advocate for creativity and community empowerment, proudly reaffirms its commitment to tattoo artists and the tattoo community. As a trusted partner, Kingpin provides exceptional customer service, expert product knowledge, and sourcing top-notch global tattoo supplies. It continues to stand as a beacon of support for tattoo artists while fostering a vibrant and nurturing community.

With a global perspective, Kingpin tirelessly searches for tattoo products trusted and revered by artists worldwide. Every item is meticulously curated to establish an exceptional selection of tattoo supplies, materials, and tools that meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and innovation. The mission is to empower tattoo artists to explore their creativity by offering them outstanding products.

With that stated, several new products released this year have that exact goal. Starting with the Aria: The Kingpin Aria Deluxe Rotary Tattoo Machine. This cutting-edge creation stems from an exciting collaboration between machine builder Ernie Dellaperuto and Kingpin. The Aria marks a significant milestone for Kingpin as it represents a rotary tattoo machine produced in-house, the brands second in history. It boasts a unique design that is compact, and balanced, and weighs only 5oz. With a 3.5mm stroke and a comfortable in-hand feel, the Aria ensures precision and control. Powered by a Faulhaber motor, it delivers consistent and reliable performance.

Another remarkable addition in Kingpin’s lineup is Clear Cut Stencil Paper, a must-have tool for every tattoo shop. Created by tattoo artist Brandon Henderson of Dead Ahead Tattoo in Nashville, TN, this unique stencil paper is perfect for cover-ups, small areas, tight-fitting spaces, or stencil reapplication during long session tattoos. Clear Cut Stencil Paper offers unparalleled precision and convenience, enabling tattoo artists to achieve exceptional results.

Rounding out a tattoo artist’s arsenal is a tool every shop needs – excellent lighting. Kingpin recently introduced the Lume Cube collection to provide artists with tools for precision, clarity, and comfort. The new lighting options include lights in varying styles including the Cordless Ring Light Pro, the Flex Light Pro, and Edge Light. All lighting options provide artists with perfectly balanced LED light allowing for the best possible artistic expression.

Kingpin’s latest in house development is an Essential Bundle aimed at giving any artist everything they need to be successful in their career whether they are an apprentice or have many years under their belt. This bundle represents the best of the most popular supplies available at Kingpin.

Brian Stover, Brand Manager, commented, “Every product we bring to our inventory is thoughtfully curated to ensure our community is shopping the highest of quality. We take this very seriously and we know our artists expect their every need to be met. Our goal is to achieve this with every order.”

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About Kingpin Tattoo Supply: Kingpin is committed to providing the highest quality tools and supplies for professional tattoo artists across the nation. Famous for putting our focus on enriching the tattoo community and its passions, we listen and connect with our customers. Over the past 25 years, the result is an industry-swaying evolution of our organization, products, and services—all built with tattoo artists’ needs in mind. We work closely with artists to develop and offer products needed to fill the gaps in the ever-growing tattoo community. In addition, our one-of-a-kind, world-class customer service is available to assist you with everything you need to create the perfect studio or set-up for your craft.

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