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Kingpin Customers Talk Their Best Career Investments

Whether it’s a new type of machine, a lifestyle change, or a whole new work environment, the investments that you make are second only to your art when it comes to your tattoo career. We asked our customers to share what they considered to be their greatest investments, and here are some of our favorite responses. 

What would you say is the best career-related investment you've made in recent years and why?

The best purchase I've made in many years would have to be the Cheyenne Sol Terra Machine. As tattoo artists, we strive to be the best we can be and continually work to improve our own art to the benefit of our customers and the tattoo industry.  To remain relevant, everything must eventually evolve.

From life to computer technology, medicine, and science, evolution is the key to moving forward. Cheyenne has provided this with the Sensidrive motor - Never before seen in the tattoo industry. Arguably one of the greatest advancements in tattooing history. Gone are the days of tuning a coil machine to the proper settings. No adjustment to the hit or stroke length of a machine. No longer are we required to be as vigilant in how we are tattooing as to what we are tattooing. Cheyenne has given us a tool that allows us to focus singly on the art itself. It’s not only a tool to the betterment of ourselves and art but to the benefit of the customer, and a revolutionary step in the tattoo industry. The Sol Terra allows us to tattoo while causing less pain, less trauma to the skin, and faster healing times for our customers. One can only hope for more advancements in the years ahead. The Sol Terra is a rare product that benefits the artist, customer and tattoo industry all in one fell swoop. It’s certainly one of the best investments I've made to improve what I am able to provide. 

- Danny Trueblood
  Fleshwound Tattoo

 What’s my best investment in my career? As cliché as it sounds the best investment I’ve made is in myself. Spare no expense; investing in yourself is the only guaranteed return you’ll get in this life. If you win, that’s great, and if you lose, you learned something about yourself. There no failing when you invest in yourself. It’s always a sure bet.

- Caleb Krieg
  Z Edge Tattoo

Definitely switching from a coil to a rotary. It was a hard thing mentally to do after using coils for 13 years, but after so many years, my hands were hurting all the time. Switching to a rotary was the best career related investment I’ve made. 

- Jessica Phillips
  Jolly Rogers Tattoo


Opening my own shop by far has been my best investment. It’s a single-artist shop - just me and my artwork. No drugs. No drama No bullshit. 


- James "Jaymz" Kunzinger
  Triple Six Artistry


The best investment I have made recently was the purchasing of 1 1/4” soft grip disposable tubes. Less money spent on wraps/tapes at the end of the day.


- Tyler Johnson
  Sacred Heart Tattoo


The most recent and most convenient was buying a TATSoul Table from Kingpin. I use it all the time. Just last weekend I was at the Colours Coutour convention at the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica.

I had the best table there, and when it was time to go, it converted into a dolly and rolled everything out under many envious gazes. I couldn't be happier.

 - Adam Stogner
   Stella Ink Collective


The FK Irons Spektra Xion Pen. It’s totally changed the game and has very likely extended my tattoo career. 


- Michael Fisher
  Timeless Craft Tattoo


Best investment I’ve made in my career is time. Giving my growth the right time - time to learn, draw, tattoo, and build client relationships. Building a bond with other tattooers takes time, as does being part of the best community in any profession. Time: doesn’t cost anything, but it’s priceless. 


- Jack Smith
  Folk City Tattoo