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Kingpin Customers Talk About Their Favorite Disposable Tubes

"I like to use Kingpin Brand Disposable Tubes. When it comes to liners, I like the Diamond Tip 1 inch Hard Grips. The surface and size make my tiny hands feel like I get a better grasp. The diamond tip allows the needle to be closer to the bottom surface of the tube, creating a more precise visual on the needle. Control feels great! Now when it comes to mags, again Kingpin Brand, however I like the open face tubes. I bend the shaft of my needle to ensure my needles are lying flush with the tube, control, control, control! I like the open face because it allows me to see everything! No chance of destructing my needle, and I feel I can pull more ink with it being open." 

- Liz Littington

Dreaming Art Tattoos in Jesup, GA



"I really enjoy using the Kingpin brand tubes. The consistency in which they are produced is second to none! The wells hold a nice amount of pigment allowing for longer use between dips. The soft grips are perfect for those long sessions and provide a much more comfortable feel and really inhibits the fatigue that big pieces can induce. The construction of the tubes is first rate! The material is thick enough so as to not be crushed by the vise, yet, still light and easy to work with. The nubs on the grips are designed to maximize the hold and eliminates slippage that can be experienced with other grips. Overall, great disposable tubes to work with!"

- Reb

Tattoos by Reb



"I personally love the Wrath Nexus Tubes. I prefer the 1.25 inch grip over the 1 inch ones because the thicker grip really helps balance out the machine and my hand. Considering I’m a female and my hands are on the smaller side, the bigger grip really helps out. My go-to tubes for most of my set ups are the 9 Round Liner Wrath Tube, with the Kingpin 9 Round Liner Needle, a 5 Round Liner Wrath Tube, with the Kingpin Tight 7 Round Liner Needle, and the 7 Closed Mag Wrath Tube, with a Curved 7 Mag Kingpin Needle. Ever since I started using the Wrath Nexus Tubes, not only have I had better balance, but better ink flow, less clogging, and an easier time keeping my hand at a proficient angle to tattoo. Most importantly, using the Wrath Nexus Tubes has extremely reduced the amount of intense swelling I used to get in my hands after a long day of tattooing, due to the comfort of the grip. I honestly, am so grateful I started using these grips. They’re definitely worth the couple extra dollars." 

- Daphne Love

South Raymond Tattoo, Fullerton CA



"My favorite disposable tubes are the Wrath Gen 2 Vortex Tubes for coil machines. The large, wide grip provides superior grip and the weight balance needed to do clean, perfect lines and the tiniest of details on every type of tattoo. The large size also prevents hand fatigue on those long, late night sessions when you find yourself trying to finish a back piece in 12 hours. The tapered finger rest design provides for a wonderfully ergonomic fit in your hand, while the color compliments just about any machine and stands out among the other typical disposable tube options. If you love using coil machines, but hate dedicating hours of your life to scrubbing stainless steel in the trenches, then these are the tubes for you!"

- Austin Diener

Steadfast Tattoo Studio