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Benefits Of An All-Disposable Tattoo Shop

While it's typically better to reduce and reuse, when it comes to your shop, there are some benefits to adopting a single-use policy for your tattoo supplies. Now, we realize that the thought of replacing the expertly crafted aluminum/stainless steel tip, tube, and grip that you've been using for years might make you a little anxious, but we'd be doing you a disservice if we didn't share a few perks of switching to a (mostly) disposable setup.

It's Safer

We'll get the obvious one out of the way first - using disposable supplies will greatly reduce your risk of cross contamination. As any professional tattooer knows, it takes focus, a disciplined routine, and extreme attention to detail to maintain a setup that is safe for both the client and the artist. Switching to disposable tubes and grip covers eliminate some steps from the process, making it less likely for human error and dangerous contaminants to leave a black mark on your resumé.

Health Departments Will Love You

If your shop is subject to government regulation and you're looking to ace that health inspection, disposable supplies are the way to go. Words like "Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilized", "individually packaged", and "single-use only" are like music to the inspector's ears, so incorporating as many supplies with those terms on the packaging will make the process of getting certified that much easier.

Less Equipment, Upkeep, and Documentation

You’ll be freeing up quite of a bit of room in your shop as well as your budget when you switch to disposables. You won't be needing an AutoclaveUltrasonic CleanerTergazymesterilization pouchesvapor line integratorsspore test kits, or log books with a single-use setup.

No More Cleaning Tubes

Here's one that you're sure to miss: no more standing over a sink, scrubbing away at tubes with a cleaning brush. The only inconvenient part of this one will be finding a different way to haze your apprentice. You'll come up with something though - you're creative!