About Kingpin Tattoo Supply

Kingpin is committed to providing the highest quality tools and supplies for professional tattoo artists across the nation. Notorious for putting our focus on enriching the tattoo community and its passions, we listen and connect with our customers. Over the past 25 years, the result is an industry-swaying evolution of our organization, products, and services—all built with tattooers’ needs in mind. We work closely with artists to develop and offer products needed to fill the gaps in the ever-growing tattoo community. In addition, our one-of-a-kind, world-class customer service is available to assist you with everything you need to create the perfect studio or set-up for your craft.

Our Mission

As a leading supplier to the tattoo community, we are committed to providing quality tattoo, piercing, permanent makeup, medical supplies, superior customer service and timely shipping to tattoo professionals worldwide.

Kingpin's Core Values


As experts in the manufacturing and procurement of tattoo equipment and supplies, we are committed to providing the highest quality craftsmanship in both affordable tools to the more expensive cutting-edge technologies.



We support the tattoo industry, the artist, their craft, culture, and history. We are a family and a resource to the community.



Integrity is one of our fundamental values in which we have built relationships and trust with our customers, suppliers, and business partners. We care about tradition and have a responsibility to respect the artists and their craft.



“We are a family” is not just a catchphrase for us. We are here to empower and inspire our colleagues and the tattoo industry through kindness, appreciation, and support.

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Florida Showroom
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Texas Showroom
9330 United Drive
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West Coast Showroom
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