Kingpin Tattoo supply

Kingpin made its debut in the late 90s’ as a premium manufacturer of hand-built pre-made tattoo needles. Over 20 years later, Kingpin is a trusted supplier for tattoo supplies, piercings and medical equipment for professional tattoo artists worldwide. Kingpin pre-made tattoo needles have evolved over the years to match the styles of different artists and maximize safety through rigorous lab tests. We offer a selection of pre-made tattoo needles and tattoo cartridges that fits your budget and expectations. Tattoo artists don’t have to worry about ink back flow with our tattoo needle cartridges because Kingpin sets the gold standard for quality and protection.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation with all of our products, Kingpin’s coil machines are built by veteran tattoo artists. Choose from a liner or shader coil machine and feel the difference in mobility and comfort from other coil machine brands. Kingpin continues to improve the customer experience and satisfaction from the products we sell to our support within the tattoo industry. Your loyalty to our brand and products keeps us moving forward and bringing you the highest-quality of tattoo supplies in the market.

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