Ruethless Irons

Ruethless Irons Rotary Star Phazer Clip Cord Black 3.6mm

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Ruethless Irons Rotary - Star Phazer (Clip Cord Black) 3.6Mm Limited Edition

  • Machine Is Made In Houston Tx At Vester Mfg All Parts Are Made In House
  • German Motors "Fallharber"
  • Direct Drive Rotary
  • Clip Cord Machine Weighs 89 Grams And RCA Weighs 83
  • They Line , Shade ,And Color Pack
  • They Come With A Custom Ruethless Irons Cam In The 3.125 Stroke Or 3.6 , 4.0
  • Works With Cartridge System Or Standard Needles
  • Will Push From A Single Needle To 27 Mag Like Nothing With The Ease
  • Runs Between 6.0 To 6.7 Volts
  • Guaranteed For Life