I have been with Kingpin since 2022 and have been involved within the Tattoo industry for 12 years. I love to meet and vibe with all kinds of people.I live in Northern CA! When I am not working, I love to spend my time outdoors with my family mtn biking and adventuring. I enjoy collecting art in many forms. I spend a lot of my free time getting tattooed and finding paintings to decorate my home.

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Sarah's Phone Number:
855-546-4746 x20219

Sarah'sEmail :samezquita@kingpintattoosupply.com



Sarah's Recommended Products


  • GRP-BSN-MS0.jpg
    Kingpin Black Stallion Needles 9 Magnum Shader 50/Box

    Kingpin, in collaboration with the legendary tattooer Johannes Nota, bring you Black Stallion Magnum Textured Needles. Offering the Kingpin standard in needle excellence, the Black Stallion Needles are unique in that pins have 30% increased hardness. The solder is pulled 1mm away from the needle points to allow increased needle flexibility when in contact with the human body. Available in 10 or 50 count boxes.

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  • GRP-BTE-AR1.jpg
    Blue Disposable Tubes Ergo Grip Angled 3 Round 1" Grip

    Kingpin’s newest addition, Ergo Grip Blue Tubes, provides premium quality, comfort, and performance in a single-use disposable. Ergo Grip Blue Tubes have been redesigned to feature new diamond knurling that lends precision and support to prevent hand fatigue with a clear Lexan plastic tip for optimal visibility.

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  • DYB-8.jpg
    Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink - 8oz

    Decades of ink mixing experience goes into every bottle of Dynamic Ink. Offering bold, consistent, pre-dispersed pigment that flows and heals excellently, Dynamic Colors are a solid addition to any artist's setup. Dynamic Ink: Tried and true since 1990.

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