#kpvisits: Aaron Addams LeRoux Body Arts

In this interview, Trent and Brian journey to Tampa, FL, to meet the talented Aaron Addams at their renowned shop, LeRoux Body Arts & Adornments. A master of "Black Work & Dark Artistry," Aaron's gorgeous, gothic style bleeds into their artwork and resonates throughout The Who studios design and vibe.

The conversation delves into Aaron's beginnings in the industry, witnessing their art's evolution over the years, and how their shop weathered the storm of the pandemic. As a new dimension of creativity unfolds, viewers gain insight into the intricacies of Aaron's craft and their unique approach to body art.

LeRoux Body Arts has emerged as a premier purveyor of innovative body art and adornments, providing a tailored experience for the modern, high-end consumer. With a client-centric focus, the shop accommodates eclectic tastes and visions, prioritizing safety standards and continuing education.

Join Trent and Brianon on this journey, celebrating the artistry and passion that defines Aaron Addams and LeRoux Body Arts. In this interview video, discover the world of "Black Work & Dark Artistry" as it intertwines with The Who studios and the heart of Tampa, FL.