I’ve been tattooing for 16 years. Started in the slums of Coney Island as a carny. I like the gritty side of tattooing, but I’m very thankful that it’s in the past. I’m from Florence, al. I own golden sickle tattoos, and I love to tattoo birds! Pretty much sums me up!

I’ve been using kingpin needles since Brian started making them in a garage. Hahaha. Kingpin has always been a great place to get supplies and most importantly the most reliable place with constantly good products. Kingpin's tubes and needles are second to none.

Ulysses's Favorite Products

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    Kingpin 14 Round Shader (10/Pack)

    For more than 20 years, Kingpin Pre-Made Needles have been built by hand using textured 316L surgical stainless steel pins that offer lasting skin penetration with superior ink retention. All Kingpin Needles are crafted using a lab certified lead free silver bearing solder for maximum safety.

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