Travis Brown was born and raised in South Florida. He has over 14 years worth of tattooing experience and is constantly pushing himself to grow and expand his work. Travis has been with Aces High Tattoo for 10 years. He specializes in Neo-Traditional tattoos but is extremely versatile with his art. You can take a look at this portfolio and see that is ranges from black and grey to old school traditional. He is available at the Aces High Lake Worth location, as well as certain tattoo conventions through the states. 

KingPin Needles, the 7 round liners and single liner Scepter cartridges are a huge favorite and they hold a lot of ink and are always consistent. I like the 1 1/4 disposable tubes, the bigger grip makes a huge difference and not all companies offer it.

Travis's Favorite Products

  • GRP-PMN-RL.jpg
    Kingpin 11 Round Liner (10/Pack)

    For more than 20 years, Kingpin Pre-Made Needles have been built by hand using textured 316L surgical stainless steel pins that offer lasting skin penetration with superior ink retention. All Kingpin Needles are crafted using a lab certified lead free silver bearing solder for maximum safety.

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  • GRP-KSC-RLR.jpg
    Kingpin Scepter Cartridge Single Needle Liner Open Tip (10 Pack)
    Scepter Cartridges by Kingpin offer ink flow, consistency, and protection unlike any other cartridge out there. Featuring our signature textured needles and configurations, Scepter Cartridges are designed with more than two decades of needle crafting experience to achieve the gold standard that you've come to expect from Kingpin. The Scepter Cartridge features a rubber band system that offers total stability and needles that remain flush to the tip in every tattoo.

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