I am not here for a long time just here for a good time, been tattooing for coming up on 12 years now. Currently working at Black Vulture Gallery in Philadelphia PA.

My favorite products are the 1 1/4 grip tubes from kingpin, my favorite needle grouping is traditional bold 7 liners.

When it comes to the tubes, they are consistent every time. Love the ink flow when running lines or filling in with a shader.

Justin's Favorite Products

  • GRP-PMN-BTL.jpg
    Kingpin 11 Bold Traditional Round Liner (10/Pack)
    For more than 20 years, Kingpin Pre-Made Needles have been built by hand using textured 316L surgical stainless steel pins that offer lasting skin penetration with superior ink retention. All Kingpin Needles are crafted using a lab certified lead free silver bearing solder for maximum safety.

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  • GRP-SGT-M114.jpg
    Oversize Soft Grip Disposable Tube 7 Magnum 1 1/4" Grip
    Trusted by tattooers for their quality, comfort, and performance, Kingpin Disposable Tubes feature a clear lexan plastic tip for easy clean out and complete visibility, precision diamond knurling for a secure grip, and a medical grade plastic tube for minimal flex.

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