My name is Emily Hedrick and I run a permanent makeup studio just outside of downtown St Petersburg, FL. I do cosmetic tattooing procedures such as Microblading, Ombré brows, Lip Blushing and Eyeliner. I specialize in working on blondes and redheads as it’s difficult to have natural results on these skin tones. 

I also do Paramedical Tattooing which includes areola reconstruction and scar corrections. These procedures cater to people post-mastectomy, breast augmentation, gender reassignment surgery, or any other trauma that leaves scarring. 

A few years ago, my business expanded to host training workshops to teach other artists these skills. Now my days are full of amazing clients and students and this industry is thriving. I couldn’t have asked for a better career! 

I use the Rook quill to do the majority of my cosmetic tattooing. It’s lightweight and thin which is a massive plus when you're working long hours doing repetitive motions with your machine. I power that with the Critical Atom. I’ve had my first Critical Atom for four years and it’s still my favorite power supply out there! It’s small and powerful with a strong magnet to anchor to the side of my stand which makes cross-contamination a non-issue. I couldn’t work without the TATSoul Envy Nano Cartridges. I’ll never forget when I got them into the studio and started using them, specifically on a lip blush… it was a complete game changer! I love the TATSoul Envy Gen 2 Cartridge #7 Nano 7 Round Liner and I won’t be caught without 10 backup boxes in stock. I recently picked up the Everafter eyeliner pigment and absolutely loved how it implanted into the skin to easily make a dusty effect. It’s going to be a new staple for my eyeliner procedures, for sure.

Emily's Favorite Products

  • ATO-M.jpg
    Critical Atom Power Supply

    The Critical Atom packs loads of features in a minimal, innovative power supply. Featuring a smooth-turning potentiometer, colored lighting that changes to indicate voltage range, full compatibility with coil and rotary machines, and more, the Critical Atom will free up some space in your setup while turning out clean, steady power to your machine.

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  • GRP-EC-G2-07RL.jpg
    Envy Gen 2 Cartridge #7 Nano 1 Round Liner
    The needle cartridge that was made for the finer things, the Envy Gen 2 Nano Cartridge line by TATSoul features #5 and #7 needles in specialized configurations ideal for permanent makeup and micropigmentation. Featuring a crystal clear medical grade plastic tip and the signature Envy Gen 2 finger ledge for total comfort and control, Envy Gen 2 Nano Cartridges achieve the superior quality that TATSoul is known for.

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  • EAP-DM-05.jpg
    Ever After Pigments Dark Magic 0.5oz

    Ever After Pigments offer lasting colors in both full spectrum and flesh tones for all medical and permanent cosmetic tattoos.

    Ever After features the highest pigment load available on the market, providing superior retention and longevity.

    The full line of Ever After Pigments has been designed for mixing; allowing artists to be artists without limitation.

    Ever After is manufactured in the USA according to strict guidelines that surpass EU standards.

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